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Dear Football Bettor,

My interest in sports betting began some years ago with trips to the local race course with friends on days out that were more about the socialising than the betting. However, I always managed to have a better day than most of my friends. Not all days were profitable but some were. I have since kept a keen interest in the growth of sports betting on the internet in the last five years. With blogs, systems and services everywhere you look on the internet it has become a real minefield in trying to determine what is successful and what isn't. I have come to my own conclusions that many products out there lack a long-term mindset and have a real feel of boom or bust about their results. This led me to carry out lots of research to discover my own methods of achieving success in sports betting. After numerous attempts I have developed a number of techniques I use to profit at the bookmakers expense. Football Value Selections is one of those.

My whole approach to football betting is designed to maximise profits with very little risk. I look for value that over long periods of time steadily builds the betting bank. I aim to increase an initial betting bank of 100 points by 20 points a month. This is an excellent return on the betting bank that would be difficult to match with the best financial investments. This is an important point as I see my betting as investing and not gambling as I use the long-term statistics as a basis to continually reinvest my betting bank that allows steady growth and me to profit month to month.   

What makes football value selections so consistent?

The selections are automated so I have no emotional input, if the figures say it’s a bet it is a bet. Even if backing Swansea at 18/1 away at Manchester United. This was a bet on Sunday 6th May 2012, most people would think this bet pointless, it lost but I know over the long-term these bets will make a profit as the numbers are in my favour.

I like football, but it is not my number one sport I watch, this is a benefit as I have no real allegiances. Therefore, I don’t get tempted to back my favourite team when they are playing when they wouldn’t be a selection. This doesn’t mean I have no knowledge of football. I watch many games and will often comment on strange occurrences that are seen during games, as the Cash-Mater blog has shown.


Results of the live Cash-Master blog trial.


For the last seven weeks I have been blogging my selections live on the Cash-Master website. was the frontrunner in betting system and service reviewing and has developed a well respected reputation over the last five years. I have placed my selections on the blog before each days games. The following results show what has been achieved in the seven weeks of the test.


Week 1: -15.46

Week 2: +10.79

Week 3: +11.04

Week 4: -4.55

Week 5: +4.40

Week 6: +9.84

Week 7: +9.52

Week 8: +11.48

Week 9: -6.75

Week 10: -4.36

Week 11: -17.54

Week 12: -6.10

Week 13: +7.45

(A truley awful run over the last four weeks, a perfect time to get on board)

Week 14: +34.23

Week 15: +17.67

Week 16: -5.84

Week 17: -9.26

Total: +43.61


The blogging results can be seen by clicking here.

The results since the start of the live trial are shown in the graph below.


Euro 2012 Selections:

Day 1: -3.00

Day 2: +0.2

Day 3: -0.25

Day 4: -1.00

Day 5: +0.50

Day 6: -1.00

Day 7: -0.71

Day 8: -1.95

Day 9: +7.00

Day 10: -1.00

Day 11: -1.43

Day 12: +4.20

Day 13: -2.00

Day 14: -2.00

Day 15: +0.85

Day 16: +2.1

Day 17: -1.00

Day 18: +4.1

Euro 2012 Final: +1.25


Euro 2012 Total Points: +4.74


Congratulations Spain. Euro 2012 generated 4.74 points profit, even to modest £10 stakes that would have been a great return on the £14.99 price of the selections.


I aim for twenty points per month profit and as the results above show during the live blog the results have fallen just below this target. However, please bear in mind that week 1 was the poorest week I have had since monitoring the selections since October 2011. I have been placing these bets with bookmakers since the end of January and the results are shown below.



January: +2.78 (from 23-01-2012)


February: +70.31


March: +19.74


April: +16.92


May: +8.06


June: +22.88

July: - 46.24

August: +37.23


Total Profit: +131.68



140.69 points profit in less than six months. That would be a profit of £1406.90 to £10 betting stakes and £3517.25 to £25 betting stakes.


Click here for full breakdown of all results

What betting bank do I need?


I recommend all subscribers start with a 100 point bank with each bet accounting for one point. There is no progressive staking; only level stakes are used. However I do recommend that you compound the bank and increase the stakes as your bank increases.


For example a £1000 bank would require bets of £10, if the bank grew by 20 points in the first month the bank would stand at £1200 and the bets required would be £12.


The 100 point bank is more than enough to cover all bets and any draw-down over losing periods. I only set it at 100 points as some Saturdays require up to 65 bets to be placed. I actually believe that an 80 point bank is adequate, but the more conservative of you may want to start with a 100 point bank.


Are there long losing periods and bank draw-downs?


During the seven week live blog testing on Cash-Master the 100 point fell to a low of 83.99 points after a difficult start. This is only a 16% reduction and the bank quickly grew from that low point over the next two weeks to return to profit.


Where can the bets be placed?


The service uses the fact that the bookmaker industry is a very competitive market and takes advantage of the best odds offered on odds comparison websites. This means it is extremely important to have accounts with all of the bookmakers found on Unfortunately I cannot guarantee the performance of the selections if used on Betfair as the commission charged will have a dramatic effect.


When will the selections be available each day?


The selections will be available on a secure website at 12:00 pm on weekdays for that days evening matches and 10:00 pm the night before weekend matches. This means you do not have to monitor the matches live or bet in-play and even on the busiest Saturdays the bets should take no more than 30 minutes to place. This means that you can access and place the bets if you work during the day as long as you can access the internet and your bookmaker accounts during your lunch break. Smart phones has made this much easier now so should open up the service to everyone.


Is there a limit to subscribers?


I have set no limit on the number of people the service will be open to but I want to make this very clear. The success of the selections is in my interest as I place these bets on my own accounts. Therefore, I will monitor prices closely. If I see they are being affected or people are failing to achieve the price I obtain I will take action.


How much will it cost?


With an aim of 20 points a month on a bank of 100 points the bank can compound fairly quickly over the first six months. With this in mind I have had to decide on what to charge for the service with the thought that the time I put into running a service has to be worthwhile. However, the subscription shouldn’t be prohibitive to someone starting with a small bank of say £500. I have decided to charge £45 per month or a heavily discounted yearly fee of £275. The fee of £275 is equivalent to 27.5 points if betting at £10. This would be roughly one month’s profit, bearing in mind that February made over 70 points. Even with the more expensive monthly fee of £45 that is 4.5 points betting at £10 and is easily covered by the monthly target.


As an introduction to the service you can access the selections for three month's for the cost of one or for fifteen month's for the cost of one year.



Two New Services now available.


Barclay's Premier League Selections.

Back the Barclay's Premier League selections only during the 2012 - 2013 season for a one off price of £99. During the Cash-Master blog trial the Premier league selections made 13.65 points profit in less than two months. With an average of 5 selections per week it will take five minutes to place the bets and as it is the biggest league in the world the bookies will be falling over themselves to take your bet.This allows larger bets to be placed and as there are fewer selections a 30 point bank will be sufficient. Follow the link below and select the Premier League option. 


UEFA Champions League Selections.


Although the Champions legaue selections lost 5.71 points during the Cash-Master blog trial it only covered the last few knock out games. Over the full season the selections will be as profitbale as any of the others I provide. With the group games and the knock out games that follow there will be a lot of selections over a season. Again the bookies are willing to take larger bets as it is such a high profile tournament. You can access the Champions League selection for the 2012 - 2013 season for a one off price of £99. A 30 point bank will be sufficient, follow the link below and select the Champions League option.

The two services can be subscribed to for a combined price of £149, a saving of £50.

Option 1:

1 Month: £45.00 (Initially Three Month's)

Option 2:

1 Year: £275.00 (Initially Fifteen Month's)

Option 3:

Premier League 2012 - 2013: £99.00

Option 4:

Champions League 2012 - 2013: £99.00

Option 5:

Premier League + Champions League: £149.00

Simply click on the link below to sign up via PayPal and prepare for a consistent profitable way of betting on football.  




I look forward to having you onboard